Background Of The Stand

As we look into the background of The Stand, Stephen King in his non-fiction book titled ‘Danse Macabre’ wrote regarding the history of novel The Stand at some length. One of the sources revealed was the case of Patty Hearst. However, the main idea was to make a novel about the episode since it seemed that only a novel might really succeed in explaining all the contradictions. Read on to gather further backdrop of The Stand by Stephen King.

Stephen King in his book Danse Macabre also stated about the novel Earth Abides authored by George R. Stewart, which in particular describes about the odyssey of one of the last human survivors after the population is wipe out by a plague, as one of the main inspirations. Another considerable background of The Stand by Stephen King has also been revealed this way – the novel was also basically planned by King as an epic ‘The Lord of the Rings’ type story in a contemporary American setting. King stated that he always wanted to write a fantasy epic like that of the Lords of the Rings only with an American setting but he could not make out how to do it.

The main background of The Stand lies when King and his family moved to Boulder, Colorado. There he saw sixty minutes chemical-biological warfare. And this incident serves as the main background of the novel. He finally decided to write The Stand as American fantasy epic, set in a plague-decimated USA. His hero being named as named Stu Redman, and his villain being a ruthless drifter as well as supernatural madman named Randall Flagg. However, the land of Mordor is being replaced by Las Vegas.

It has also been revealed that Stephen nearly abandoned The Stand because of the writer’s block. Ultimately, he reached the conclusion that the heroes were becoming too self satisfied, and were starting to repeat all the similar mistakes of their old society. For resolving this, King further added part of the storyline where Harold and Nadine construct a bomb which explodes in a Free Zone committee meeting. The author even stated that the bomb saved the book, and that he only had to kill half of the core cast in order to do this. The Stand background shared above will let you know what makes Stephen King to write this novel.