The Characters Of The Stand

In the novel The Stand, the author presented many different characters. Here we will be describing about the major characters of The Stand, authored by Stephen King. As we know that the novel is the battle of good and evil. In the novel the goodness is presented by the group of survivors who try to re-established a democratic society in the Colorado town of Boulder however the other group i.e. Randall Flagg of Las Vegas presents the evil ones.

The characters of The Stand presented by Stephen King includes Frances Goldsmith, she represent a pregnant college student, Frances Goldsmith – a laid-off factory worker from Texas, Harold Lauder representing a high school outcast. The other characters of The Stand by Stephen King also include Nick Andros who represents as a deaf-mute wanderer in the novel and Larry Underwood representing a pop musician. There is also another character that is named Glen Bateman and he represents a pessimistic sociology professor in the novel.

The above mentioned characters of The Stand are usually worn together by their common as well as shared dreams of an elderly mystic woman who they considered as a refugee. This woman character whose name is Abagail Freemantle also called as ‘Mother Abagail', presents the leader of this survival group, who began to re-establish a democratic society in the Colorado town of Boulder. Mother Abagial represents one of the major characters of The Stand. She is however, the personification of good in the story contrasting to the Randall Flagg group. She is 108 years old women.

One of the Stand characters is Lloyd Henreid, who belongs to another group of survivors in the novel. He usually represents a common thief. The other characters of The Stand further an arsonist named as Trashcan Man, and Barry Dorgan, he represents as the ex-chief of the Santa Monica PD. These characters in the novel by Stephen King are basically drawn to Las Vegas, Nevada by another entity, an evil being with supernatural powers known as Randall Flagg, the "dark man," or the "walkin' dude." Flagg is one of the main characters of The Stand, and is the main antagonist of the novel. He is the embodiment of evil, an antichrist like being whose goal is destruction and death. In the novel, he is presented as diametrically opposed to Mother Abagail’s personification of good.