Synopsis Of The Stand

The Stand is one of the most popular novels of the American novelist Stephen King. In simple words, the novel is just the re-works of the author’s previous short story, Night Surf. When it was re-released in 1990, the author reconstructed some text originally edited for brevity, adding some new sections and also changing the setting of the novel from 1980 to 1990. We can simply reveal that it is thrilling novel that portrays the forces of good over evil. Here in this article we will share a brief synopsis of The Stand written by Stephen King.

The synopsis of The Stand by Stephen King can be summed up in three different parts, the novel first start with the death of majority human population of North America, which is followed by the escape as well as the spread of a man-made biological weapon, formally called as ‘Project Blue’. In the West coast, the weapon is known as ‘Captain Trips’. The overall percentages of people who are susceptible to Trips are 99.4%, and moreover the disease has a mortality rate of 100 %. This first section of the novel occurs over 19 days and charts the total breakdown as well as destruction of society in some very graphic scenes.

Now, let’s have precise summary of the second part of the novel, in the second part, the story intertwined cross country odysseys of the few numbers of survivors which includes a pregnant college girl named Frances Goldsmith, a laid-off factory worker from Texas and a high school outcast as well as a deaf-mute wanderer. Other survivors also include a pop musician and a pessimistic sociology professor. These people or survivors are drawn together by their shared dreams of an elderly mystic woman whom they considered as a refuge.

The woman (Abagial Freemantle) whom the survivors considered as refuge become the leader of their group and began to re-establish a democratic society in the Colorado. However, another group of survivors which includes a common thief, an arsonist and the ex-chief of the Santa Monica PD are drawn to Las Vegas, and they are known as Randall Flagg, the "dark man," or the "walkin' dude." Their rule is tyrannical & brutal yet effective. The Stand Synopsis of the third part goes like this, in the third part the novel comes up with the confrontation of both the groups and recognizing one another as its survival, leading to 'the stand' of the good against the evil and involving a salvaged nuclear weapon. With this summary of The Stand, one can precisely understand what the author wants to present in his novel.

From the above synopsis of The Stand written by Stephen King, you can briefly sum up that the novel is the battle is good and evil, ultimately the victory of goodness over evil.