The Stand In Other Works

The Stand is one of the popular novels by American novelist Stephen King. In this novel the author presents the battle of good and evil forces, ultimately the victory of good over evil. The novel clearly shows the scenario of the author’s previous short story, Night Surf. Here in this article we will be revealing some relation or similar elements of The Stand in other works of Stephen King.

Stephen King’s The Stand shares some essential aspects of the other parts of his literally world. As far as relation of The Stand in other literature is concerned, the novel has some similar elements in his other works including The Dark Tower series. To be very precise, Randall Flagg of The Stand and some other elements of the novel also appeared in ‘The Dark Tower series’, the super flu specifically known as “Captain Trips", and is generally said to what killed all the people or inhabitants of the parallel Kansas in The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass. And quest for Mother Abigail in The Stand is almost parallel to the quest of Roland Deschain in Wizard and Glass.

We can also see some similar elements of Stephen King’s The Stand in other works such as The Eyes of the Dragon. In this literally work by Stephen King, the Flagg of The Stand basically appeared as the evil wizard. Another similar element of The Stand in other works seems to have appeared in King’s short story ‘The Last Rung On the Ladder’. In this short story, the town of Hemingford Home, Nebraska where Mother Abagail lives was originally featured. It specifically appeared as the home of the character Ben Hanscom in the short story.

Another similar element to consider is the radio signals from Arnette, Texas, in The Stand, these radio signals are also heard in The Tommyknockers. However, further referring to the relation of The Stand in other works, we can simply come up that The Shop and the town of the Castle Rock, are also precisely mentioned in The Stand. Frannie also further mentions the town of Bridgton, Maine, the setting of The Mist.